Passenger list management

The registration request should be submitted to Applications will only be accepted if sent from the official e-mail address of the boat indicated in the application.

To register you must:

  • The e-mail address of the boat (e.g. xy@xx.xx) and the name of the person responsible for data management.
  • The dispatcher on duty will carry out the entry protocol and will send the data required for the entry to the e-mail address provided. After login, a password change is required, which can be done in the user menu.


  1. Open ’Passenger list management’ within the menu 'Announcements'.
  2. You can create a new passenger list by clicking the '+ New notification' button or import a passenger list filled in with an Excel file spreadsheet, which can be downloaded from our website by clicking on the "Import passenger list" button.
  3. The 'Route details' block must be filled in on the new application form.
  4. Passenger data must be entered individually in the 'Personal data' block.
  5. By clicking the 'Add Passenger' button, the newly added passenger appears in the 'Added Passengers' table.
  6. To enter the next person, the data must be entered again in the form of the 'Personal data' block.
  7. When you have recorded all the people, you must click on the 'Save' button. The completed paxlist is then still a draft. It is also possible to modify, send, or delete.
  8. By clicking the send button, the system asks if you want to forward the list. If so, you can send it to the authority with the 'Send' button.